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The retailer contract – what sum can be recovered | SQE1 – SQE2 Questions and Answers Examples

The retailer contract – what sum can be recovered

A company (‘the retailer’) entered into a contract with another company (‘the supplier’) to purchase 30,000 flat-pack boxes at a price of £60,000. The retailer paid a deposit of £20,000. When delivered, the boxes were defective and the supplier was unable to supply replacement boxes. The retailer rejected the boxes and did not pay the balance of the purchase price. To avoid incurring further losses, the retailer obtained replacement boxes from another supplier for £70,000. The retailer has followed all appropriate pre-action procedures, and the retailer’s solicitor is now ready to draft and issue a claim form.

Ignoring interest, what sum can the retailer properly claim against the supplier?


A. £70,000.

B. £10,000.

C. £30,000.

D. £20,000.

E. £60,000.


Correct answer:

C. £30,000.


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