Hi all, I am thinking of doing the SQE 1 (July 2022 sitting) and I have been thinking of doing the 20 week course starting February 2022. I work 4 days a week 9 – 6 PM. I have a first-class honours LLB and studied for that whilst I was working. Now I am just wondering if anyone has any advice on whether or not they think it’s manageable to do the 20 week course whilst working? I know that the 20 week course is designed for those who are not working as it states 20 hours a week are necessary. But the enrolment for the 40 week course was September and I don’t want to start on the back foot, so to speak. Any one have any experience in this yet? I am thinking of choosing Barbri as the course provider. Thanks 


1-I did the 40 week course with Barbri. I have a degree but a non-law background. I am taking the SQE in November and feel really prepared. I would imagine with an LLB you will be fine with the 20 week course. They are very thorough and the materials are good. With the 40 week course I have put in about 3 hours a day (but with no law background). I would imagine a day a week and an hour or two most days will have you prepared.

2-thank you LAwgirl2020 for starting this thread. It is comforting to know there are people in the same shoes a me! I graduated in 2017 and I am also now deciding between the 20/40 week course with Barbri after considering UoL for a while. I have noticed enrolment for 2022 is not yet available – do you think because it’s too soon?

Alenamai Can i ask how you’ve found the course/teaching style? I have never studied online before and imagine the teaching is recorded lectures, reading and then attempting MCQs? Are you set tasks/are there any traditional seminar/tutorials?

Sorry for all the questions but I am struggling to find any feedback online from current barbri students!

Thank you both

3-Hi, I’ve found the course really well structured. It is recorded lectures, multiple choice and short answer questions, simulated exams, reading (the books are really well laid out with room for notes) but there is also a tutor who does Zoom meetings and feedback, seminars and workshops, study support groups and employment/CV advice.

Basically, I can’t fault them. You get a study plan on the online portal and can rewatch, overlearn, pause the lectures etc. You can ask questions of your tutor or in general and they get back to you. I also like the fact you can view yourself compared to others taking the course as percentile rankings. I feel it has everything covered if you are motivated to do it but it is not easy. The content is full on and you’ve got to cover it all. Some of it is fun. Some of the content is dull and hard (tax law is really hard) but overall I’m really pleased I chose them.


4-Hey, glad to have met someone in the same shoes as me! From what I remember, enrolment for the Feb course will be happening in the next few weeks. One thing I would say I am nervous about is the MCQ’s! I have never done an exam using this style – it’s always been problem questions and essay writing for the exams. I mean if you do start the 20 week course with barbri we can keep in touch and possibly help each other! 


5-Hi, I know what you mean it almost feels like no one is doing the SQE route sometimes! I really hope the website updates soon so I can make a decision on what course to enrol on. We have similar experience as I have never done a MCQ exam but the prep Barbri offer seems pretty good (they have a sample workbook online). What made you consider them? I hadn’t really looked into them until recently I realised they were considerably cheaper than UoL.

Initially I was thinking of doing the 20 week course but because I’ve been out of uni for 4 years and intend to work full time I am worried I may struggle to keep up with the workload but I may just take the plunge and do a bit of background reading beforehand. I am also conscious with the 40 week course i’ll have to wait for the results so cannot enrol to the SQE2 right away so would most likely be sitting those exams in 2024 (the prospectus is unclear when).

… i am happy to help out where i can although i’m pretty sure i’ll be the one reaching for help haha!

6-Hi, I am really grateful for your feedback so thank you. What are your thoughts on the 20 week course – Do you think it is doable with a full time job? Although I have studied some of the topics during uni it has been a few years so I don’t think it will be a situ where i can “pick up where i left off”.


7-Yes it most certainly feels like that, especially as it is such a new course. Oh I didn’t see the sample workbook, I will check that out now. I just found really good reviews and I know someone who did prep with another provider for SQE1 but is now switching to Barbri for the SQE2.

The reason I am thinking of going for the 20 week course is because it starts in February, it is 5 months of hard work (roughy 20 hours per week) – I am also working full time – but then lets say we sit the exam in July 2022 and if all goes well, we pass, we could sit the SQE2 quite soon after (October 2022/November 202 is the SQE2 exam confirmed dates). I just don’t want to start the 40 week course next September and then it’s another year that I have not done something, if that makes sense. I was thinking the same thing, I work full time, graduated in 2018 but if I pre-read and possibly get a head start now, it’s almost like doing the 40 week course (in my head it works out that way lol).

The below is from the SRA website that is the confirmed assessment windows for 2022.


SQE1 FLK1 – 21 July 2022 – Pearson VUE locations
SQE1 FLK2 – 25 July 2022 – Pearson VUE locations

Assessment booking opens: 10am 17 March 2022.

The booking deadline for this assessment window is 5pm on 16 June 2022.

The first day of the assessment window is 21 July 2022.

SQE2 – 2022

Assessment window 1
SQE2 Written – 11-13 April 2022 – Pearson VUE locations
SQE2 Oral – First sitting: 19-20 April 2022. Second sitting: 21-22 April 2022 – Cardiff, London and Manchester*

You are only required to attend one sitting of the oral assessment and you will be able to select which sitting when booking opens, subject to availability.

Assessment booking opens at 10am on 25 January 2022
The booking deadline for this assessment window is 5pm on 7 March 2022

Assessment window 2
SQE2 Written – October 2022 – Pearson VUE locations
SQE2 Oral – October/November 2022 – Cardiff, London and Manchester*

I just feel like right now I have waited too long and just in a way want to get it out the way!

Best wishes,




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