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SQE part I plans

As a publisher of LPC manuals we already have expertise in vocational publishing. We’re excited to invest that expertise in a product designed to be used by students who are post LLB, or undertaking a specific SQE I prep course. It will be ready to purchase from from 27 September 2021.

SQE Prep & Practise

Introducing SQE Prep & Practise to help with SQE part 1 assessment preparation

Introducing SQE Prep & Practise

SQE Prep & Practise comes from the UK’s no 1 legal education publisher with over 20 years of expertise in vocational publishing: the highest quality materials and questions written by experts and mapped to the SQE assessment. Designed for those preparing for the SQE in the most cost effective and flexible way available.

What is it?

As a digital-first product SQE Prep & Practise has been carefully designed to work in the online environment. Rather than produce a set of printed manuals with self-test questions, the equivalent content and testing functionality has been brought into the online environment. The result is a practical study tool to support candidates preparing to take the SQE 1 assessments.

The content and questions have been brought together by some of the most experienced, qualified, and practised writers of legal assessment materials, and the product makes use of innovative testing and learning technologies.

How SQE Prep & Practise maps onto the SQE assessment

SQE 1 assessment 1: Business Law and Practice; Dispute Resolution; Contract; Tort; Legal System of Eng & Wales; Constitutional and Administrative Law; EU Law; Legal Services

SQE Prep & Practise: For Assessment 1 – three sets of content and accompanying questions


Business Law & Practice Dispute Resolution in Contract & Tort Public Law, Legal Services and the Legal System
Over 500 practise MCQs split equally between the three areas, plus a 90-question unseen mock assessment



SQE 1 assessment 2: Property Practice; Wills and the Administration of Estates; Solicitors’ Accounts; Land Law; Trusts; Criminal Law and Practice

SQE Prep & Practise: For Assessment 2 – three sets of content and accompanying questions


Property Practice & Land Law Wills, the Administration of Estates, Trusts & Solicitors’ Accounts Criminal Law & Practice
Over 500 practise MCQs split equally between the three areas, plus a 90-question unseen mock assessment


SQE Prep & Practise: Complete – all six sets of content and over 1,000 accompanying questions, with two unseen mock assessments


The Dispute Resolution in Contract and Tort content and questions will be available for interested institutions to preview in early 2021. The remaining content and questions will publish, and be available for purchase, ahead of the first planned sitting of the SQE in November 2021.

Student availability

SQE Prep & Practise is available and affordable for students to purchase and self-prepare for the assessment. Individuals can purchase SQE Prep & Practise collections at any time of year, use it whenever they need it, and learn at their own pace. They can even anonymously compare their grades with other candidates using the product for added context.

No timetables, no start-dates, no deadlines means a fully flexible SQE preparation solution for those taking control of their career.

The assessment 1 collection will cost students £225; the assessment 2 collection £225, and the complete collection £450.

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Institutional availability

Providers can buy-in SQE Prep & Practise as part of their SQE preparation offering. Institutions can choose to offer students direct access to the SQE Prep & Practise site, or choose to load content into own virtual learning environment (VLE or LMS) which has the advantage of offering full analytics to enable data-driven optimization of teaching.

Institutions buying-in SQE Prep & Practise can opt to buy the online content (not questions) replicated in an accompanying set of printed materials for their students.

A demo site is currently available, and academics interested in taking a closer look at SQE Prep & Practise should contact Olivia Carter to arrange a demonstration.


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