Can you do a video about foreigners wanting to become a solicitor in the UK. I’m an American and interested in becoming a Solicitor in the UK. I have a Bachelors degree in English from an American university. I’m interested in hearing about any challenges that Americans may face becoming a Solicitor or Barrister in the UK. Thank you for your videos!

This super helpful Chrissie, thank you so much for sharing valuable insights into the SQE route and QWE.


This was a really helpful video, thank you so much. I am about to begin my final year of my undergraduate degree (Philosophy, not Law), and would have been wanting to begin my GDL in either Sept 2021 or Sept 2022. Would it still be wise to go ahead with this in terms of making a financial decision? Would it be likely that I would pay the £10,000 (approx.) for the GDL and then end up having to pay for the SQE and potentially a prep course too? Hope this isn’t a silly question! Thanks in advance 🙂


Super helpful, thank you! Just finished my GDL and I think it would be a better idea to continue with the LPC+TC route. Can’t imagine going through that pain of doing the GDL exams all over again! ?

Thank you for this very important piece of education, LAB. Do you personally consider the practice of law a recession-proof career? (I don’t know where to find answers to the question of what percentage of law practitioners were made redundant during either the recession of 2008 or the present coronavirus pandemic, for instance).

Thanks for this vid – really informative! I’m really interested in the SQE. I completed a BA Law degree but now have an interest in qualifying as a solicitor and the SQE seems more appealing than the GDL for me a the moment. However, I am wondering what qualifying work experience (“QWE”) actually is? I have been at an asset management firm as a legal assistant (same work as an in-house paralegal does) for 6 months now, by the time the SQE is supposed to be put in place, I will have been at my job for almost two years (I understand that QWE requires that you complete 2 years of QWE). Do you think this job would classify as QWE / would my QWE need to start at the same time as the SQE process? Thank you in advance for your input! :))



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