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We realised that there are quite a few faults with electricity in the house


I need advice please. We moved to our new house just over 6 months ago and soon after the move we realised that there are quite a few faults with electricity in the house. We informed the sellers and they promised to fix them. They sent a couple of electricians and nothing was done. We didn’t feel that those attempts were serious enough. Now, they have just gone back on their promise and said that they wouldn’t fix the faults.
We have the fittings and contents forms completed by the sellers and of course they state that there is no problem with electricity or any other issue.
Those forms also state that the house and the out buildings would be cleared but the shed was full of rubbish.
Please advice on best way to reserve our rights. Thanks alot
1-did you get a full survey of the house before buying? I don’t mean just the bank valuation.

Normally these sort of things are based on a buyer’s beware, and that you should have done your own checks. I’m not sure fittings form covers electricity faults (might be wrong) where they would have lied about it.
2-Litigation Paralegal – may want to argue that they’re contractually bound by the terms and representations
3-you say that they stated no issues with the electrics or any other issues – that’s something that would form part of the contract and therefore it’s up to them to repair / replace given they’ve ostensibly breached that

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