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My mother was placed into a carehome on 3 ocassions, As it happened social services would pay towards moms care

Hi it’s my first post , it looks like a great site to get help and advice. I need some help please, My mother was placed into a carehome on 3 ocassions , This was arranged by my sister. As it happened social services would pay towards moms care and the family would pay the top up this again was felt with by my sister, When mom Sadly died in January I received a bill from the care home , it turns out when mom went in for her 3rd stay I had been asked to go to the home to book mom in , I signed what I now know to be the contact for this stay , After I queried this with the care home I was sent a invoice for £800 , it’s was a shock to me because my sister was the person dealing with this , Last week before I could pay I was sent a new invoice saying it’s been updated because they claim they had new information and as they didn’t know this before the first invoice they changed the invoice to £1000 , I understand I have to pay the £800 but I was sure once a invoice has been issued it can’t be changed. I know ,£200 is not much to some but I live of my works pension which isn’t much at all. Thank you for any help or advice ?



1-The care home should be clearly itemising what they are charging for so you know you are not being overcharged. Why is it up to you to pay, is your sister not contributing?

2-Have you signed any documents accepting responsibility for any money owed to care home? If not I would question if you are responsible for outstanding debt

I was asked by my sister to go there to book mom in no talk of money ,The care home states all money’s to be paid up front, I Just need to know once a invoice is sent for payment can they legally change the invoice to add on money

yes, invoices can be changed, assume it’s a further invoice with added costs etc? If you owe the money they can do it that way or send a follow up invoice. Accounting departments are usually behind the event happening.

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