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My father was in a Care home , they said my dad had fallen…

long shot , I’m in the UK , my father was in a Care home , in his care package it states no make carers , they said my dad had fallen so put him in pain relief , no incident form done ???? I had a call from my brother stating dads ribs are hurting , I went the next day my dad said I’m hurting here and pointed to his ribs , he said they’ve done it , I said who … he said them , eventually bruises did appear right under his rib cage . I went and asked for the book to check dads fluid intake … really I was checking who was in , it was a young foreign lad , I went on his face book page and was extremely concerned by what I saw . A day or so later social services were there discussing dads finances , this matter was brought up and social services said we think your dads been abused , it went to head office , my sister went ballistic, the man was suspended , I’ve had a call they have said it’s inconclusive, I said how could this possibly be you have proof of his bruises , he said I’m sorry there’s nothing more I can do , I said who do you think did it then he said I can’t say . This man is now working back at the home with vulnerable dementia patients . I have since found out that they never get police involved it’s a big cover up , it’s down to family to get police and legal bodies involved ???? I’m absolutely heartbroken knowing my dad was hurt physically, he was my world


1-Surely it still can be a police matter .

2-I’m not sure on your financial circumstances but I would urge you to contact a community care solicitor. Legal aid is available for community care matters. Here is a link: just pop in your post code and tick community care

3-Report to the CQC (Quality Care Commission) as a matter of urgency. They have the power to close homes down…..and do use It!!

4-Inform CQC of your concerns as a matter of urgency. They will investigate and ensure a satisfactory outcome is found.

5-Also An accident form should of been completed when a fall has taken place be it witnessed or unwitnessed. That would be a breach of the homes own policy to start off with.

6-Can you put a camera in your dads room.. i know it doesn’t help what happened but it would give peace of mind now or move him to another home

7-Was this reported to local authority safeguarding team? CQC? Ask whether the report was made and ask to see the paperwork. Then ask local authority why no section 42 enquiry was actioned. If they closed it down, ask for the evidence of why it didn’t meet the threshold for section 42. The care home need to give answers here as well as local authority.

8-If there is any evidence screen shot it. Keep records of everything dates, times, names of who you speak to etc. Definitely contact CQC x

9-You need to make a report to your local police force. You can do it online 24/7 if it helps. Good luck.

10-Get cqc involved they have got more power than the social service. They will look in to everything and everything leaving no stone unturned. Just do your self a favour and don’t tell the care home you take this route as they might try and do cover ups

11-Report to police, even if they find that their evidence is inconclusive (which they probably will) the abuser will still have this investigation noted on theirs PVG/DBS check if they apply for any further employment in the care sector and you will protect others. Sadly, I have just been through this process for my family member.

12-Get cctv in his room..or demand he be moved.Inform local press


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