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I am a 42 year old man with multiple disabilities.

I’ll not make this post very long as while there is a lot to my issue, i’m pretty sure the entire group or anyone interested, doesn’t necessarily want to read a public essay but here goes.
I am a 42 year old man with multiple disabilities. I had a mental health meltdown last friday, resulting in my going into mental health crisis on monday which, i am thankfully feeling quite a bit better now. However, my carers which i’d recruited through a direct payment via rotherham council resigned due to my mental health difficulties and my social worker without any assessment or enquiries has made the determination that i’m not a responsible employer. I’ve asked her for her reasons, plus an opportunity to address any future concerns, which have gone unanswered.
I am currently stuck with a care company which i completely hate and where the management are transphobic and homophobic. I am seeking advice at first instance, with a view of someone being willing to take my situation either for a discounted rate or pro bono as i’m on benefits and even though certain situations do qualify for legal aid, i’m not sure wether or not mine would. I’m desperately wanting to overturn the social worker’s decision and move forward in the recruitment of new staff.
There is no care provider in rotherham, which is where i’m based, that includes lgbt training for any of its staff. And previously, i have been injured by a fair few untrained care workers when they’ve assisted me to put my binder on. I’m referring to my chest binder which if there is any people on here in the community, i’ll not need to explain what a binder is. I’m sure anyone unfamiliar with the term can google it. Agency care workers are also not comfortable putting my packer in place despite, not having to do anything indecent.
I don’t mind being messaged via pm as it will be easier than going into everything in group as i’ve had issues off and on with social services since 2012.
Many thanks in advance
These people will be able to help you… Hope you get the help you are needing

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