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30 years ago my wife divorced her first husband…

30 years ago my wife divorced her first husband. She had been married to him for 25 years. As she was a house wife looking after the kids etc and only having part time jobs, she never paid a full stamp. She is now 75 years old and has a very small state pension.
Her previous husband passed away a few years ago, but is she entitled to any of his pension contribution. He did not marry again.
Thank you in advance.
1-Non practising qualified. My understanding is that it depends when she remarried. If she remarried before reaching pension age, she is now treated by the DWP as if she had been married to you throughout her life. In these circumstances, the earlier divorce cannot be used to help her increase her pension.
2-is this his state pension or a workplace/private pension. If the latter it would depend on who he named as beneficiary, eg if the paperwork was not updated at the time then she may be still named as beneficiary.

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